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New Boundaries for ANC 4B06

Good morning all,

The ANC 4b06 boundaries have been finalized pursuant to the Act 24-439, Advisory Neighborhood Commission Boundaries Emergency Act of 2022 and the Act 24-440, Advisory Neighborhood Commission Boundaries Act of 2022 (B24-700).

Our new boundaries are as follows:

Beginning at the intersection of Kansas Avenue, N.W. and the Metropolitan subdivision of the CSX Railroad; then southeast along the Metropolitan subdivision of the CSX Railroad; then southwest along New Hampshire Avenue, N.E.; then west along Madison Street, N.E., and continuing west along Madison street, N.W.; then south along 3rd Street, N.W. then northwest along Missouri Avenue, N.W.; then north along 7th street, N.W.; then east along Peabody Street, N.W.; then southeast along Blair Road, N.W.; then northeast along Kansas Avenue, N.W., to the point of beginning.

If you are no longer in my SMD, email me at and I can direct you to your new ANC commissioner.

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