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Piney Branch Road Traffic Safety Debate Dominates ANC 4B May 2021 Meeting

Hello Neighbors,

Today's update contains an update on Monday's ANC 4B meeting for Takoma, Manor Park, and Lamond-Riggs.

Topics covered included:

* The major discussion centered on the Piney Branch Traffic Calming Improvements Project. Residents debated all sides of the issue.

* Nicole McEntee from the DC Office of the Tenant Advocate offered resources for tenants who may need assistance as the public health emergency comes to an end

* Ajan Brown from the DC Office of Human Rights gave a detailed presentation on the services that his office provides to city residents

* Julian Hipkins, director of the NAF Academies of Culinary Arts and Global Service and Diplomacy at Roosevelt High school, joined the call to share the programs' offerings

* Reports from the Mayor's Office, Councilmember George's Office, Metropolitan Police Department, and the Ward 4 State Board of Education Representative

Enjoy the read and have a great day!

Christopher Alexander


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