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Promotional Message from Pepco Holdings

Dear Valued Customer,

Exelon Corporation, the parent company of Pepco has announced plans to separate its utility business and power generation business into two publicly traded companies, with the resources necessary to best serve customers and sustain long-term investment and operating excellence. Pepco will be a part of the utility business.

Please know, this change will not disrupt or affect energy service to our customers in any way and you do not need to take any action.

We want our customers to know that while the structure of Exelon is changing, our commitment to safety, reliability, clean energy, affordability and community support will not.

We will continue to honor all commitments made when Pepco, as part of Pepco Holdings, merged with Exelon Corporation in 2016, including multi-year charitable and community investments.

Most importantly, Pepco will maintain our commitment to powering our communities with clean and reliable energy, with a continued focus on environmental sustainability and affordable rates.

We value you and will continue to provide the customer service and care you have come to expect from Pepco now and well into the future. We will continue to keep you up to date throughout this transition. Meanwhile, please visit for Frequently Asked Questions and continue to tune into our social media channels for updates on this process and news of our continuing work to serve you.

Thank you,

Derrick Dickens

Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer

Pepco Holdings Inc.

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