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Public Litter Can Frequently Asked Questions

What are public litter cans?

Public litter cans are receptacles that are intended for small litter like non-recyclable food wrappers and other trash acquired while in transit in the District.

Public litter cans are not for household trash.

What type of trash should be placed in public litter cans?

Public litter cans are ONLY for small trash acquired while in transit. No household or commercial trash should be placed in public litter cans.

Where can public litter cans be found?

Public litter cans are primarily along the District’s commercial streets. Public litter can collections are noisy, which is why litter cans are not placed in residential neighborhoods. There are approximately 7,000 litter cans throughout the District.

How often are public litter cans emptied?

Public litter cans are emptied at night, following a daily to three times per week schedule, based on how much trash they receive. Public litter cans that are overflowing likely are being used for litter other than small trash acquired in transit.

Are their fines associated with improper use of public litter cans?

Public litter cans are solely for the purpose of small quantities of waste for persons passing by the public litter can. All household or commercial waste is prohibited in public litter cans. Violators may be subject to the following fines:

1st Offense - $75,

2nd Offense - $150,

3rd Offense - $300, and

4th Offense - $1,000

How do you report an overflowing public litter can?

Report a public trash can that is full/overflowing and needs to be emptied by calling 311 or using

Litter Can Installation/Removal/Repair (30 Business Day SLA): DC 311 - Service request location

Litter Can Collection (2 Business Day SLA): DC 311 - Service request location

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:

(202) 737-4404

Contact Fax:

(202) 671-0642

Contact TTY:

(202) 673-6833

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday 8:15 am - 4:45 pm

Service Location:

2235 Shannon Place SE, Suite 3040

Washington, DC 20020

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