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Quick Update on Safety

Email from a Constituent regarding a crime that occurred last night, Wednesday, July 12, 2023:

"At 5:30 pm, I was walking north on 5th St NW towards Oglethorpe with my dog. A man walked at us quickly and as I tried to make space between us, he kicked my dog in the side. Subsequently, he then crossed 5th St continuing south, and punched a woman in the face who was walking with her daughter. He was completely silent for both hits and then turned right on Nicholson. We did phone the police who responded with bike canvas officers and cruisers, but they were unable to locate the man. "

Person 1 Hair: medium length hair, Top: Blue fleece, Bottom: Jeans, Shoes: Tan work boots, Age: 30, Sex: Male, Race: African American, medium complexion, Build: 6 feet tall, slender build.

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