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Replacing All Lead Service Lines by 2030


Since last November, I’ve served as one of two Council-appointed representatives on an interagency Task Force to make recommendations related to DC Water’s plan to replace all of the District’s 30,000+ lead service lines (LSLs) by 2030. The Task Force has met about every two weeks to prepare a report with our recommendations on (1) coordination among the relevant District agencies (e.g., DOEE, DDOT, DCRA, and DC Water), (2) the barriers to completing the planned replacement by 2030 and proposed solutions, (3) possible funding sources, (4) ways to improve DC Water’s replacement plan, and (4) proposed legislative changes that may be needed.

The Task Force has now released its draft report, and it is available on DOEE’s website ( The draft report includes a version that represents a general consensus of the parties, though there are some details that remain to be worked out or have not been fully vetted. There is also a working draft that includes the Task Force members comments and proposals that were not included in the final draft. The website also includes a proposal for legislation that the Task Force members believe is important to facilitate LSL replacement.

The draft report is very much subject to modification based on the input we receive from the public, particularly from ANCs and individual commissioners. The Task Force will hold two virtual listening sessions on July 28th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm and from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm to hear from the public. Details for joining these meetings are also on DOEE’s website ( Comments on the draft report may be sent to The Task Force is expected to submit it’s final report on August 23rd, and the Council will likely hold a public roundtable hearing on the Task Force Report in September.

Lead in our drinking water will continue to pose a serious health risk until all LSLs have been replaced. We appreciate your help in spreading the word about the Task Force’s report and assisting in getting comments from your constituents.

Randy Speck

Public Representative on the LSL Replacement Task Force

Vice-Chair, ANC 3/4G

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