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ROSA (Registration of Out-of-State Automobiles) Violation

Like most states, the District requires motorists to register their vehicle(s) within 60 days of moving here and the Department of Public Works enforces this regulation. DPW’s ROSA enforcement process has three phases:

  1. Observation: The first sighting of an out-of-state vehicle parked on public space and the vehicle’s license plate number is entered into our system.  Our ROSA crews work Sunday-Thursday, 10 pm-6 am.  We do not enforce ROSA on Friday and Saturday nights because we anticipate an increased number of out-of-state family and friends visiting the District on weekends.

  2. Warning: This occurs 15 days after the vehicle was first observed.  DPW will issue a warning notice to the vehicle.  On the back of the notice is an explanation of why the warning was issued and instructions to be followed to receive an exemption if the motorist is not a District resident.

  3. Enforcement: This occurs 15 days after the vehicle was issued a warning notice.  A ROSA ticket may be issued every time the vehicle is sighted if no exemption from this regulation has been acquired.  Once a vehicle receives a one-year exemption from the Department of Motor Vehicles, the exemption and its expiration date are entered into our database.

Note: A vehicle with a visitor’s pass is not exempt from ROSA enforcement.

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