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Shell casings found after last nights shootings after all

Yesterday there were a lot of posts regarding possible gunshots in the community. When I initially reached out to MPD their response was that they toured the area and didn't find evidence of a shooting. Well thanx to some amazing sleuthing by constituents we have proof that they were wrong. Shell casings were found. I have therefore sent the below email to MPD:

Good evening Captain Porter and Chief Griffin, I reveived the below email this evening following last night's myraid requests from neighbors regarding shots fired: "Hey Tiffani, Hope you had a good weekend. It turns out that one of our neighbors found shell casings in the alley behind [Redacted for privacy]. I remember that you used to be able to request MPD put "special attention" on a certain area. Do you know if MPD still does this?" While I was initially told MPD didn't find anything in this location,  obviously that is not the case.  Can MPD send someone to do another look through in this area for other casings and evidence of a crime?  Also, retrieving those casings already obtained seems appropriate.  They are with a neighbor at [Redacted for privacy] The residents are also requesting occasional drive through of the community and surrounding alleyways in light of this incident. 

Thank you.  I await your response. 

I will follow up on this thread when a response is received.

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Tiffani Johnson
Tiffani Johnson
21 sept 2020

From Franklin Porter:

"I will send a unit to canvass the location and also retrieve the evidence. And also have the units give this location special attention. Thank you."

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