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Summary of the ANC 4B06 Special SMD Meeting

Yesterday, ANC 4B06 held a special single-member district meeting to discuss parking and traffic concerns around Capital City Public Charter School (Cap City). Thank you to all of the neighbors and Cap City's incoming Head of School and Chief Operating Officer for attending. In a little under two hours, we discussed a lot and came up with a few short-term solutions as well as some longer-term goals which will require infrastructure improvements to the surrounding areas and traffic pattern as well as on the Cap City campus.

Cap City Short-term solutions:

1. Cap City to incentivize teacher/staff assistance during arrival and dismissal.

2. Encourage teachers/staff to park along Kansas Avenue, the NPS side of Oglethorpe and 3rd Streets NW (creates up to 40 potential spaces). This stretch of roadway is not zoned and allows for parking, although not used.

a. The school will create teacher/staff access from Kansas Avenue onto school grounds or they can use Fort Slocum paths to gain access to the school entrances

3. Encourage teachers/staff to carpool or use alternative modes of transportation.

Cap City Long-Term Goals:

1. Creation of parking underground parking garage.

2. Move the entrance of the school to Kansas Avenue NW (can only be done safely with traffic pattern/infrastructure modernization to the Kansas Avenue, North Dakota Avenue, and Blair Road intersection). THIS WAS A SUGGESTION BY A RESIDENT BUT MAY BE CONSIDERED LATER IN TIME.

Possible Government Solutions:

1. DDOT to provide a traffic control officer at the intersection of Peabody and 2nd Streets NW (this will be in conjunction with the Safe Passage worker and school crossing guard).

2. DDOT to re-install "No Parking During School Hours" signage on the Cap City side of Peabody Street (these signs were replaced with the "15-minute parking only" signage currently in place).

3. MPD to provide visual presence during arrival and dismissal.

4. DPW to ticket drivers for parking/idling during school hours, especially arrival and dismissal.

5. Zone the residential sides of Peabody, Oglethorpe and 2nd Street NW as residential permit parking (RPP). For more information DDOT has provided a list of RPP frequently asked questions, The first step is to complete the RPP Program Petition for Inclusion, file:///C:/Users/nisa6/OneDrive/Desktop/Resident%20Permit%20Parking%20(RPP)%20Program%20Petition.pdf.

a. Under the RPP program it will restrict non-resident registered vehicles to two-hour consecutive parking from 7 am-8:30 pm Monday-Friday except holidays. The petition must be signed by one adult resident in the majority of households on the block.

b. Residents will pay an annual permit fee for each registered motor vehicle associated with their household:

i. $50 for the first vehicle

ii. $75.00 for the second vehicle

iii. $100 for the third vehicle

iv. $150 for each additional vehicle beyond three vehicles

c. One resident aged sixty-five or older will pay $35 for the first vehicle only. Additional vehicles will be charged at the above-mentioned annual rate.

d. Every block that is eligible for RPP signs must meet the minimum criteria of seventy

percent (70%) of all legal spaces filled during survey hours, of which at least ten percent (10%) must be

occupied by motor vehicles with out-of-state tags.

e. Once a block has been designated RPP, residents will be notified in writing of when and where they may obtain parking permits.

f. All residents with the RPP sticker for the same zone or visitors with a valid Visitor Parking Permit may park on blocks with the resident-only designation.

Next Steps:

1. Commissioner Johnson will work with ANC 4B Commissioners to submit a resolution to DDOT calling for additional traffic calming measures, traffic control officers, and no-parking signage.

2. Commissioner Johnson will request MPD and DPW patrols during arrival and dismissal.

3. Submit RPP petition and resolution, if a sufficient number of residents approve of this request.

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