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Takoma/Manor Park Budget Engagement Forum - Today @ 3pm

Join neighbors for a Takoma / Manor Park Budget Engagement Forum on Saturday, February 27th from 3:00-4:30 p.m.

Teanna Willis, Fair Budget Coalition, will provide a presentation on DC budget basics and why your voice matters. We will then seek your feedback on budget priorities for DC and specific to our neighborhoods.

RSVP here to receive log-in details prior to the event:

This event is hosted by Erin Palmer, ANC 4B02 Commissioner; Evan Yeats, ANC 4B01 Commissioner; and Tiffani Nichole Johnson, ANC 4B06 Commissioner.

Please take a moment to fill our our Takoma/Manor Park Budget Engagement Survey, which will help inform our budget advocacy this season: This survey is open to any DC resident, although we are particularly interested in the views of residents within Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B. If you need a hard copy of the survey please contact Commissioner Palmer, Commissioner Yeats, or Commissioner Johnson.

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