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Teacher Summit

Good Morning Commissioner Johnson,

I hope that you've been well! I am writing this morning to extend an invitation to EmpowerEd's first ever "Teacher Solutions Summit" on Saturday April 23rd from 11 am to 2 pm at the MLK Library. We'd love to have neighborhood leaders attend and engage educators about solutions to improve education in DC! Can you attend? Registration is open here.

We also wanted to ask if you would be willing to share this event with your constituents if you have a newsletter, email communication, social media, etc... to share community events? If you can share, we're including a blurb below and a photo you can use is attached.

Thanks for your collaboration!

- Scott, Patricia, Gabrielle and the EmpowerEd Team

On Saturday April 23rd EmpowerEd is hosting the first ever "DC Teacher Solutions Summit" from 11 am to 2 pm at the MLK Library. Educators from across the city will share their ideas about things like teacher retention, student mental health, flexible school schedules, outdoor learning, school ratings and more. We invite community members to come and explore teacher poster presentations or attend a live session. Learning from each other, we can present powerful ideas to city leaders to positively transform education and student experiences in DC. We hope you will join us!


Scott Goldstein

Executive Director



When Teachers Lead, Our Students Succeed

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