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This Thursday at 4pm-7pm: Ward 4 CARE Community Outreach Day in Brightwood

Hi Brightwood neighbors,

Councilmember Lewis George invites you to join the Ward 4 CARE Community Outreach Day this Thursday, March 17 from 4pm-7pm starting at Fort Stevens Rec Center (1327 Van Buren St NW). RSVP to be part of it:

The Councilmember, our team, and community volunteers will be checking in on neighbors, sharing resources, providing important contact information, and bringing services directly to the people. We'll also be joined by reps from DC agencies to help address issues on the spot. We had our first CARE Day last week in Shepherd Park and it was a meaningful and fun experience for folks involved. Be sure to say 'hi' if a volunteer comes to your door - we won't be asking for anything, just building community connections :)

Even if you can't join us, you can still do your own outreach this week. That could look like so many things: gathering a group of neighbors to walk the block together; helping identify senior citizens and residents with limited mobility in your neighborhood who may need support during emergencies or inclement weather days; or maybe planning a clean up on your block or a nearby park. We know many of you have been doing this kind of community work for years, and we hope to build on that foundation by encouraging even more residents to take part regularly. We’ll be amplifying photos on social media with the #Ward4CARES hashtag and will be looking forward to hearing about your experiences doing outreach with this form.

That's all. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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