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Upcoming April Events in ANC 4B06

This weekend starts the fun in ANC 4B06 #ManorPark with our Rat Riddance walkthrough with the DPW Rodent and Vector Control Unit. Click the QR code to register.

Then in celebration of Emancipation Day, we will have our Emancipation Day Community Clean-up on Monday, April 17th. The

@CleanCityDC and @LoveRockCreek will provide grabbers, gloves, and trash bags. Click the QR code to register.

On April 19th, ANC 4B06 will co-host a Narcan Training with the

@DBHRecoversDC Ward 4 Prevention Center. Click the link to register. This will be a virtual meeting. The link is: Join Zoom Meeting

Lastly, on April 20th, the @DBHRecoversDC Director Barbara Bazron, Ph.D., is the confirmed guest for the ANC4b Community Safety and Support Committee Meeting. This will be a hybrid meeting. The formal notice will be disseminated on Thursday, April 13th to comply with the Commission Rules of Procedure. Please save the date.

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