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Upcoming Events in ANC 4B06

Good evening,

As Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for Single Member District 4B06 in Manor Park, I would like to invite you to the following upcoming events:

April 15th @ 10am – Rat Riddance Walkthrough – 100 Peabody Street NW

April 17th @ 10am – Emancipation Day Community Clean-up – Fort Slocum Park Pavilion, 5800 Kansas Avenue NW

April 19th @ 6pm – Virtual Narcan Training

These events are open to the public. Please use the QR code on the flyers to register and feel free to share.

4.15.23 ANC 4B06 Rat Riddance Walkthrough
Download JPEG • 572KB
ANC 4B06 Emancipation Day Community Clean-up 4.17.23
Download PNG • 1.08MB
ANC 4B06 Narcan Training
Download PNG • 571KB

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