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Update on Fort Slocum Park

I just received the below email from the National Park Service regarding Park Slocum Park:

Good Day ANC Johnson and I am hopeful this message greets you and yours doing well and staying safe. I wanted to provide you and the Fort Slocum community with some updates on the rehabilitation of the picnic shelter located on the grounds of the park. In addition to the rehabilitation of the picnic shelter, NPS has partnered with the DC govt and Rock Creek Conservancy to install a dog waste sign and waste bag receptacle in the park as well.

The NPS will be ready to begin the rehabilitation of the picnic shelter sometime later this summer and shortly thereafter install the waste bag sign and receptacle (see attached photo). Per the terms agreed with the DC govt, the community has identified a resident that would serve as the monitor of the receptacle ensuring there is an ample supply of bags available, reports any damage and the overall usage of bags to the appropriate city's official.

As we draw closer to the actual start of work on the the picnic shelter rehab work, I will contact you with additional details, proposed timeline and etc.

Thank you for your continued commitment to partnership and stewardship of the special places and should you have any questions, please give me a call on (202) 359-5041.

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