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  • Tiffani Johnson

Update re the Takoma Dog Park

The Takoma Dog Park is very close to being finished.

If you haven't been by the site lately the fence is done, the flooring is done, the trash cans and water fountain installation is complete, benches are up, and the engraved bricks will be laid in the next week or so.

We've been in touch with the project manager and the builder and we anticipate a finish date (with the dog park being open and usable) of March 5, 2021. This assumes the weather plays nice over the next few weeks.

Our group has also decided to make a donation to The Whittier Education Campus PTA. The donation to this organization will support students who may eventually attend Ida B Wells and Coolidge HS - two DCPS schools that are adjacent to our dog park. Whittier is currently doing a "Love Whittier" campaign fundraiser right now. If you too would like to show your support, even if it's just a donation of a few bucks, you can do so at

Looking forward to seeing all of you and your pups at the dog park very soon!

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