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Updates from Commissioner Johnson, 4B06

Thank you to those who have consistently stopped by to donate books and non-perishable items to my free library and pantry it is truly appreciated. Please keep them coming. If you have items to donate but cannot deliver them yourself, I am happy to pick them up at a mutually convenient time. Please contact me at 202.271.3710 or

Speaking of contacting me, I have so many additional ways to be reached and to stay informed of important meetings, events, and topics related to ANC 4B06. The attached flyers with QR codes make it so simple to join the conversation on WhatsApp or GroupMe on your cell phone or computer, join the 4B06 Manor Park resident's Google Group or sign up to receive my weekly newsletter and email blasts.

Lastly, from July 6th - 9th I am proposing a summer blitz focused on entering 311 requests, via the phone, website, or on Twitter, for areas of concern in ANC 4B06. All you have to do is if you see something warranting a 311 request, such as cracked sidewalks, potholes, overflowing public trash cans, alley cleaning, street cleaning, rat abatement, etc., just enter a 311 request. The person with the most requests will win a prize.

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