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Ward 4 Councilmember Staff Contacts

As promised during the SMD meeting, I am posting and sharing the contacts for our new Ward 4 Councilmember's team:

Staff contact information for Ward 4 Councilmember Janeese Lewis George is now available on the Council’s website.

Lenace Edwards

Chief of Staff

Email: ledwards@dccouncil.us

Tamira Benitez

Constituent Services Coordinator

Email: tbenitez@dccouncil.us

Alexandros Taliadoros

Communications Director

Email: ataliadoros@dccouncil.us

Matthew Landrieu

Constituent Services Coordinator

Email: mlandrieu@dccouncil.us

Katherine Eyster

Legislative Director

Email: keyster@dccouncil.us

Will Perkins

Senior Policy Advisor

Email: wperkins@dccouncil.us

New Ward 4 Councilmember Staff Contacts | Next Stop...Riggs Park (wordpress.com)

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