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Washington Gas Resources

Dear Community Leaders –

In our continued efforts to keep you informed about Washington Gas’ commitment to provide timely information to customers, the attached documents are provided here for your review.

DC Homeowners Assistance Fund (HAF)

Offers energy assistance to DC Homeowners. Financial assistance from HAF to District residents trying to make housing-related payments. Eligible homeowners impacted by COVID-19 can apply for grant funding to cover mortgage payments and other housing expenses, including utility payment assistance, up to $4,000. Applications available beginning June 22.

Arrearage Management Program (AMP)

The AMP grants forgiveness of past due balances. AMP provides guidance, resources and assistance to customers who are unable to pay their energy bills on time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Washington Gas created this program to assist customers by forgiving past due debt when new bills are paid. AMP assists customers by helping to:

• Lower or eliminate existing COVID-19 related past due balances

• Bring accounts current

• Help manage the budget when costs are rising

• Avoid disconnection

• Reduce financial stress

Enrollment is required.

One of our primary objectives is to ensure that customers are aware of all programs that Washington Gas provides for their benefit. We are certain that these two new initiatives will provide support where needed most. We greatly appreciate your assistance in disseminating this important information to DC residents through your various distribution systems (e.g., listservs, newsletters, etc.). As always, we welcome your questions and/or feedback. Please feel free to share this information with your networks.

Best regards,


Dwanda Woodward


1400 K Street N.W. | Suite 1000 | Washington, DC 20005‑2403

Email: |



WG AMP Program Final conv 1
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WG AMP Program Final conv 2
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WG AMP Program Final conv 3
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DC Homeowners Assistance conv 1
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DC Homeowners Assistance conv 2
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