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What's In the Free Little Library?

We have books galore but always accepting more.

We also have guide books regarding how to help with minimizing debt and managing bills. I have extra copies if you have a group that may be interested.

Speaking of $$$, I also have some guidebooks on the MoneySmart for Older Adults curriculum which is especially important for our senior population to avoid fraud and also provide information on POA's, advance directives, etc.

In terms of flyers, I have information about Monday's 9am community clean-up. We will meet in the 100 Block of Peabody Street NW and see how much beautification we can do. I will supply trash bags, but bring your own gloves, graspers, etc. Stay for as long or as short as you have time to give.

Lastly, I also have the hard copy of the Covid-19 pre-registration process. This can be used to assist our senior and disabled residents in pre-registering for the vaccination.

Reminders -

Friday April 16th is Emancipation Day which is a DC Holiday. It's also the kick-off of the 2nd Annual My DC, My Future - Budget Advocacy for Youth sponsored by the Fair Budget Coalition. The flyer is attached. This is a wonderful way to get our youth involved in the DC Budget season process and make their wishes known. The flyer is attached.

As of Monday, April 19th, all residents, Age 16 and above can pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine. For more information go to

If you have any concerns regarding the proposed ABRA licensure at 5909 Blair Rd NW, please contact me at 202.271.371, or

As a reminder, the proposal is for:

The business has rented a storage unit to store and deliver alcohol solely purchased online. Apparently this is a somewhat new class of license that has occurred in other SMDs. For more information go to:

Finally, as always, if you need assistance entering a 311 request, I am happy to assist you, please go to:

Enjoy the beautiful weather, stay safe, socially distance, healthy and happy!!!

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