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What's In the Free Little Library?

This week, I have children's books, doggy bags, information about the new stop signs at the intersection of 3rd Place and Nicholson Streets NW, agenda for my March ANC Single Member District meeting, the DC Council performance hearing schedule, a flyer on the new traffic safety investigation process and postcards reminding everyone about how to repair and/or replace DPW trash and recycling bins.


I have hired a contractor to build a free little pantry to be placed on my front lawn opposite from my Free Little Library. This will allow the community to leave or take non-perishable items as needed. I am so excited about this and hope it will be constructed and fully stocked by the end of the month.

Until it is fully operational, if you would like to make a donation of non-perishable items, I have a bag on my front porch, and you can also email me for pick up at I am not accepting monetary donations at this time.

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