• Tiffani Johnson

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B - Vision Zero Committee - Call for Applicants

In October, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B approved a Resolution establishing a Vision Zero Committee. You can read the Resolution here: https://resolutions.anc.dc.gov/ViewResolution.aspx?Id=+kCWxSLIXjzOZ0i6oDVSsw==

The Commission is now seeking applicants for Committee membership. You must be a resident or businessowner within the Commission's boundaries to be a member. Check if you reside within the Commission's boundaries here: https://anc4b.com/about-the-anc/.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the Committee, please email a statement of interest, including any relevant experience, by February 15th. The Commission will not be monitoring responses to the listservs. Please send any statements of interest directly to the Co-Chairs of the Committee, Commissioner Evan Yeats (4B01), at 4B01@anc.dc.gov and Commissioner Alison Brooks (4B08), at 4B08@anc.dc.gov.

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