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Video Recorded Meetings

September 2023 - ANC 4B06 SMD Meeting


00:18:46Tiffani Johnson: 00:18:52Tiffani Johnson: 00:19:25Tiffani Johnson:Red foxes are found in Fort Slocum, and in other areas that are managed by Rock Creek Park. The fox's appearance can vary depending on if it is male or female, and by how old it is. But in general, these animals are up to 35-inches long and just under two feet high. They have long tails, which are about 20 inches in length for a full-grown fox. They are reddish, rusty-tinted in color, although they can be silver in color, a rarity in Rock Creek Park areas. Foxes make their dens underground in wooded areas. Fort Slocum has all the food a fox would need, with squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks. Rats are even on their menu. Typically, the foxes are active during the nighttime from dusk until dawn while they feed, but they can also be spotted during the daytime on occasion. They typically scurry away when they sense human interactions and they rarely pose threats to humans or pets unless the fox is sick or injured. 00:19:27Tiffani Johnson:In addition to deer, Fort Slocum is home to eastern cottontail rabbits. These rabbits have a red-brown or gray-brown, white belly. Their diet consists entirely of plants, such as grasses and clovers, and they live about 2-3 years. Rabbits are incredibly important for the ecosystem, as they provide a food source for many predators. They are active year round, and do not hibernate. Mostly silent, they are known to let out a high-pitched scream when caught by a fox or other predator to startle it and alert other nearby rabbits. 00:19:48Tiffani Johnson:White-tailed deer are found throughout the areas Rock Creek Park manages, including Fort Slocum. Whitetails are by far the most common deer species in north America, ranging from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to Central America and all the way down into the Florida Keys. Whitetails get their name from their iconic, large and broad white tail. When alarmed or spooked, the tail will be hoisted up while the deer runs away in an act called “flagging”. Typical of deer species, bucks are bigger than does. A mature buck may weigh from 200-300 lbs. and stand 2.5-3 feet tall at the shoulder, while does will weigh from 90-200 lbs. Coloration is the same in bucks and does, white bellies and rumps, a white patch on their throats, white rings around their eyes and white ring around their muzzle. Their bodies are always brown, however, in summer their coats are more reddish-brown vs in winter when their coats are more of a grayish brown. 00:19:57Tiffani Johnson: 00:27:13Tiffani Johnson:Turkeys exist in Rock Creek Park, 00:29:39Tiffani Johnson:;instance=20230916080000?popup=1
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