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ANC 4B06 Free Little Library and Free Pantry

While I am always grateful for donations, I have a few reminders. As both the library and pantry are only checked twice a day:

1. Please do not place medications in the free pantry. The pantry is not locked or monitored to deter tampering.

2. Only non-perishable items should be donated directly into the pantry. To donate perishable items please contact me at 202.271.3710 or to schedule a delivery/pick-up. Perishable items are donated to households in need in the community.

3. Please make sure books have both the front and back covers and are not missing pages or moldy.

4. Only books are to be donated, I do not accept magazines or CDs.

I also have flyers for the following events:

1. Ward 4 Democrats Scorecard on Affordable Housing - April 29, 2023, 11:30am @ Petworth Library

2. ANC 4B06 Monthly SMD Meeting - May 1, 2023 @ 7pm

3. ANC 4B06 Day - Yoga in the Park - May 6, 2023, 10am @ Fort Slocum Park

5.1.23 ANC 4B06 SMD Meeting Agenda conv 1
Download PNG • 82KB

5.1.23 ANC 4B06 SMD Meeting Agenda conv 2
Download PNG • 35KB

ANC 4B06 Yoga in the Park - 5.6.23
Download PNG • 188KB

Ward 4 Democrats Affordable Housing Flyer 4.15.23
Download PNG • 1.54MB

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