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DDOT Oversight Hearing - February 26, 2021

I'm reaching out from Councilmember Lewis George's Office to remind folks about the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) performance oversight hearing this Friday, Feb. 26 between 12pm-6pm. Any community member can sign up to testify live by emailing by Thursday at noon. If you cannot make it that day you can send it written testimony for the record at until March 11.

We're sending this reminder because there's strong community interest in two DDOT issues: the stop-sign camera at Kansas and Buchanan and traffic safety overall in our ward. Councilmember Lewis George will be at the hearing to speak on both issues, but it would make a real difference for constituents to share their experiences directly.

On the Kansas and Buchanan stop-sign camera, our office has raised concerns about the camera unreasonably ticketing drivers since it was recalibrated in June and asked for tickets issued unfairly since then to be forgiven (especially given how many folks are struggling right now due to the pandemic). It's now in the Executive's hands to decide. Please make your voices heard!

The DDOT hearing is also an important chance for residents to discuss street safety in Ward 4. There have been serious car accidents as recently as this weekend. There are intersections that need stop signs or traffic lights, signage that needs to be replaced, and other needed changes to make our streets safe for pedestrians, bikers, pets, and drivers. This is a great opportunity to lift up those issues on the record.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions or help out with signing up to testify.


Alex Taliadoros

Communications Director

Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Janeese Lewis George

C: 603-721-6795 | W: 202-286-5268

Constituent Services: 202-724-8052

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