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Hattie Holmes 324 Kennedy St NW is Open for Vaccines Saturday and Sunday but Then closes

Despite phone calls from DCHealth Friday night, Hattie Holmes is still operating today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday for vaccine visits. A second call was received this morning correcting the first one. Vaccine #2 appointments scheduled for Hattie Holmes, 324 Kennedy St NW for Saturday February 13th and for Sunday February 14th will occur as scheduled. February 15th and later appointments for vaccine shot #2 scheduled for Hattie Holmes at 324 Kennedy St NW HAVE BEEN MOVED to Lamond Recreation Center at 20 Tuckerman St Northeast (near the corner of Eastern Ave and Tuckerman and also accessible from Kansas Ave.) The date and time of the appointment will not change.

These phone calls have been very confusing because they do not include the date, time or address of the original shot #2 appointment. If you or a friend or relative are totally confused, they can call the DCHealth call center at 1-855-363-0333 or email

Susan Davis

East Rock Creek Village



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