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January 26, 2021 Covid-19 Data

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

(Washington, DC) The District’s reported data for Tuesday, January 26, 2021 includes 165 new positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, bringing the District’s overall positive case total to 35,865.

The District reported that seven additional residents lost their lives due to COVID-19.

  • 42-year-old male

  • 62-year-old female

  • 63-year-old male

  • 66-year-old female

  • 67-year-old male

  • 81-year-old female

  • 81-year-old female

Tragically, 895 District residents have lost their lives due to COVID-19. Visit for interactive data dashboards or to download COVID-19 data.

Below is a summary of the District’s current ReOpening Metrics.

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