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Join the ANC 4B Community Safety and Support Committee

Good morning,

As you may know on February 26, 2024, ANC 4B established its Community Safety and Support Committee. I would like to invite those interested to join the Committee. The goals of the Committee are to:

(1) make strategic recommendations that address community safety and support that are in alignment with the Commission’s core values; (2) promote best practices in policing and police reforms, while also advocating for viable alternatives to traditional policing methods, including a commitment to enhancing the effectiveness of various safety initiatives, programs, and entities; (3) monitor, analyze, and provide feedback on proposed legislation and policy affecting community safety and support; (4) engage the community on community safety and support issues by creating, hosting, and supporting educational events; and (5) liaise with various groups, agencies, and individuals who seek to foster improved community safety and support in the District of Columbia.

The time commitment for the Committee is up to two (2) hours per month for monthly meetings and may include additional time to draft resolutions, letters or testimony, etc.

For those interested, I invite them to apply to become a committee member here,

According to the ANC 4B Rules of Procedure, all Committee members must be residents of ANC 4B or business owners whose business is located within ANC 4B.

Thank you for your consideration.

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