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Mowing at Fort Slocum and Associated Parcels (Triangle Parks)

I received the following information from the National Park Service this morning regarding the current contract for mowing, which is now back to pending.

"[T]he park currently doesn’t have a mowing contract, yet again this year. Our staff started mowing the 3,000 acres in the park on April 10 and made an initial cut of Ft. Slocum two weeks back. Ft. Slocum and the associated parcels should be cut next Wednesday. We are working with our regional office to get a contract issued, but in the meantime Rock Creek Park staff will be trying to keep up with the mowing in addition to their other responsibilities, so I ask for a bit of grace".

I will be following up with NPS to determine what occurred with regard to the contract, as I had previously been advised that one had been secured for this mowing season. I will also monitor this situation ensure moving occurs on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

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