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Crime Prevention Training - TODAY @ 2pm

Dear Neighbors:

As a follow on to me falling victim of a carjacking right in front of our home (on Northgate Road NW), on Tuesday, 08 Feb 2022, I organized a Crime Prevention / Information Exchange meeting on 12 Feb 2022. One of the action items out of that meeting was for information and training to be shared on organizing and starting a Neighborhood Watch (NW).

Please join us for a VIRTUAL Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch Training on Tomorrow:

12 March 2022 (Saturday)

@ 2:00 PM EST (1400 hours)

VIRTUAL Crime Prevention &

Neighborhood Watch Training

Via Zoom ID No.: 454-227-1465

The training will be presented by, Samantha Nolan, the DC Citywide Neighborhood Watch/Crime Prevention Trainer.

Please tell your friends and neighbors and have them join the Zoom.

If you would like to attend this training, please send an email to me at so that I can have your information to email you the packets of training materials for those attending.

This training is for all who would like to learn ways to decrease their likelihood of becoming a crime victim, and those who would like to become a block captain for Neighborhood Watch. Actual crime scenes will be presented, so it is not recommended for young children.

If your neighborhood block and/or surrounding areas would like to start a neighborhood watch program, this is the first step to getting organized. All individuals interested in becoming a block captain should take this training

We are looking forward to this training opportunity to help decrease the crime even more in our neighborhood.

Respectfully submitted,

Neena on Northgate

571-293-0358: Google Voice

Neena on Northgate

(571) 293-0358: Google Voice

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