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Crimes of Opportunity Deterrent Tips from Commander Heraud

"We have had an increase in theft from vehicles, particularly airbag, catalytic converter, and wheel/tire theft. In cases where we have obtained the video, these suspects are very quick in their efforts. I have moved the Fourth District auto theft unit and crime suppression team to the midnight shift for periods of time in an effort to increase visibility, prevention, and apprehension of these suspects. We have thwarted several of their efforts in the act. However, we will not pursue suspects for property crimes when they flee. Pursuits can be very dangerous and are only authorized to occur for the most violent crimes".

"Part of our strategy is awareness in the community. In the past several months, most thefts from vehicles involve bags or items of value that are within view. Also, we are seeing an increase in airbag and wheel/tire thefts. It appears they are targeting newer-model Hondas and Toyotas. A visual deterrent, such as a steering wheel club will reduce the likelihood of airbag theft, and wheel locks, parking as close to the curb as possible, and turning the front wheels will reduce the likelihood of wheel/tire theft".

"The 4th District will continue its efforts in providing visibility and increased patrol to prevent these offenses and apprehend the perpetrators when they do occur".

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