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Fort Slocum Park

Good afternoon all,

In the past three days, I have been alerted to two separate instances of individuals passed out in Fort Slocum Park.

Saturday - Path at the intersection of 2nd and Oglethorpe

Monday - 3rd and Nicholson

I thank my constituents for alerting me and MPD for responding so quickly.

I have also alerted Capital City as Fort Slocum is a common pathway for its students.

As the park is also a great spot for dog walking, picnics, other events, I am reaching out to NPS for greater presence.

While I do not like calling the police on anyone, I do have a duty to keep the community safe, and that includes the trauma of seeing someone passed out in a park.

If you see this occurring, please let me know. Do not engage with the person. I made that mistake and both MPD and my dad, former MPD, advised against that.

Clearly, today, I didn't listen...again. (I've always been hard-headed). We will talk about this tonight at my SMD meeting.

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