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Illegal Fireworks

Good morning all,

I had a very productive meeting this AM with FEMS (Fire and EMS). They are seeing a higher than usual use of illegal firearms, especially those which sound like a big boom. I advised him that in Manor Park and surrounding areas that we are hearing them earlier and earlier in the day. Yesterday they started around 4:30-5pm, and can continue until 1-2pm the following morning. I also have concerns about them being setting off in Fort Slocum Park and our grassy areas and being disposed of in our public trash cans.

FEMS will be continuing to conduct regular sweeps of the area to look for illegal fireworks and asks that if you hear or see someone with illegal fireworks to call 311. You can also emails them at As always, to the extent you can do so safely, I recommend speaking with your neighbors before reporting them to 311 or emailing FEMS.

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